I’m so sorry I am running late…..again.


So I missed a couple of days, I’m not sure if that’s allowed? Am I supposed to blog everyday? I think perhaps I am, in which case I offer you my apologies. Anyhoos, I am here now with a few words to (hopefully) make you smile.

My husband and myself are both “late” people, to clarify we are always late to everything. I can hear your sigh of disappointment. It’s not something we are proud of, it’s something we are working very hard to rectify. If I am honest though, we always seem to have a good reason, we are the kind of people that things happen to. I swear I am not making this up, one time my husband was playing golf, the ball flew into a tree (his aim leaves something to be desired) and hit a pigeon so perfectly in the head it broke its neck and killed it…when does that ever happen to anyone?? That is not normal. I have a 100 stories like this…well most of them don’t contain dead pigeon’s but still!

So the other day, we where going with a group to meet a friend at the airport. They told us we had to be there at 5. That’s great, no worries, we knew what time we had to leave, we had a plan, and then as always we began to run late. We cannot be late to the airport! We drove like a bat out of hell, desperate, I mean desperately desperate, to get there on time. We arrived, after literally running from the car park, at 5 on the dot! The plane didn’t land until 5:30, our friends had told us 30 minutes early because they knew we where always late. I believe your smiling right now for 1 of 2 reasons; either you are person A who does exactly the same thing to their late friends or you are person B the late-ee and your friends do this to you. Whilst I was grateful, we did after all get there in time, it was also slightly lowering to realize my “late” was a recognized and preempted fact. I think we might need to work a little harder on our “late issues”. For all you other “laters” out there, I know how you feel, the struggle is real! But we can do this, we will harness the power of punctuality!


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