The rise of the spiders!

Spiders, whilst I have never been a fan of spiders, I have never been a girl that screams at the sight of a spider. However I feel like I am developing a fear of them and it is completely and utterly their own fault. As a child neither my mother or my sister were afraid of spiders, they would routinely pick them up and throw them out of the window. (Looking back that seems a little heartless but better than flushing them down the toilet right?) My mother often told me there is nothing to be afraid of when it comes to spiders.

However mum,  I have come to the conclusion that spiders enjoy being sneaky. Whilst staying in south Africa I have discovered rain spiders; these range from the size of a large English house spider to the size of your hand, with large black bodies and thick bristly legs. Recently, I was just standing, minding my own business, enjoying the view when I hear my husband literally shrieking at me “Juniper,JUNIPER,JUNIPER!” I screamed, instantly on alert, my blood pressure raised, my adrenalin pumped, by the fear in his voice. I did a rushing, screaming, hop skip and jump until I was standing next to him. I promptly smacked him on the arm for terrifying me witless. “Look up” There was a spider sitting on the ceiling right above where my head had been second ago. It just sat there. I could swear it was laughing maniacally at me. I shuddered. The thought of that big spider dropping onto my head and creeping around in my hair made my skin prickle and crawl. This has happened to me 4 times in 3 months. 4 times! That is way too many times! I have many spider stories, ones were the spider comes running towards me causing panic and chaos. Ones were they are on my clothes, my towel, my cushion, in the shower and even were I woke to find mr.spider on my pillow – I think I cried at that one. Suffice to say, I am getting suspicious. Are the spiders organised? What are they planning the sneaky little blighters?

So now here I am, distrustful and extremely paranoid. Does anyone else think the rise of the spiders is a possibility in the future?




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