My no poo adventures

‘No poo’. It does not mean what you think it does. No poo is the term I use, (as do lots of people on the internet. I didn’t come up with the term. I am simply a user of the term), to explain to people that I no longer wash my hair with shampoo. (Its ok I do still wash my hair.)

Whilst trawling through Pinterest looking at dog shaming memes, and books I somehow came across a post about going ‘No Poo,’ intrigued, I am a woman with uncontrollable hair after all, I started reading.  It didn’t take long for me to decide to give it ago…it has occurred to me that I might be easily influenced. On my first day, I told my sister about it, since she has always had hippy leanings she instantly said she would try it with me.

The idea of no poo is not to use shampoo or conditioner.  Instead you mix Bicarbonate soda with water to make the shampoo and use lemon or vinegar as your conditioner. If your hair is dry or, like mine, slightly afro a little coconut or argon oil after will work wonders.


Week 1 = Little greasy

Week 2 = Complete grease bucket – wear a hat!

Week 3 = Hair feels sticky


Yes, I am pleased to report ‘No Poo’ is a success for my hair. I love it so much! I have had to try different things and I brought a new brush, a bristly one, but settling into my grove I have discovered, not only have a saved a fortune on shampoo and conditioner, (I was a herbal essences girl)  but my hair looks happy and healthy! I can also tell you that my hair grew ALOT in a matter of months!

My father when he heard about our little hair experiment called my sister and I crackers, I’m pretty sure I heard some grumbled mutterings about “crazy women”. My mother when I told her immediately sniffed my hair….yes she SNIFFED my hair. No Mum it doesn’t smell. That’s mums for you. It took a long time to convince her that the bi-carb did actually clean my hair. She is now semi converted, she made her way to Lush, brought their chemical free shampoo and now makes everyone touch her soft hair. What can I say ‘no poo’ is infectious!





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