He found someone else

One of my friends broke up with her boyfriend today. He has found someone else. (Which is the biggest misdirection of all times, he didn’t just find someone else like a £20 note left on the pavement. He was looking at other girls, talking to them, texting them, developing a relationship with them.) Her eyes welled with tears, as she told me; he didn’t want her anymore. My heart broke for her sadness. “She’s much prettier than me, big eyes, thinner…” As the words came out of her mouth my heart stopped breaking and turned into a snarling slobbering pit bull. NO! This is not your fault! Its not because your not thin, or pretty or anything. How dare he make you think its your fault! He has something lacking. There is a quality which he does not have. It is one of my favourite qualities, it’s very underrated, LOYALTY! This selfish man wouldn’t understand the quality of loyalty if you smacked him in the head with a dog. (Famed for being one of the most loyal animals on earth.) Don’t get me wrong people can fall in love, they can fall out of love, perhaps your just not right for each other. What I find frustrating is that fact that its not “I don’t think we are suited.” Its “I think I want to be in a relationship with this other girl who I’ve actually been in a relationship with for the last 6 months.” How RUDE! I treat my dentist with more loyalty then this man treated my friend. So here is what I want to say to you, if like my friend, you find yourself in this situation:

Do not let anyone make you feel like you’re not worth their loyalty. Expect and demand loyalty! Stand tall. You are strong, smart and beautiful. You have escaped a relationship which would only have ended in heartache. You deserve someone who will treat you with respect, love and loyalty. Do not blame yourself for his unfaithfulness. It is not your fault! His finding someone else wasn’t an accident it was a active choice on his part. You do not need him to make you happy or to make you whole. The pain that you are feeling now will get better. It will get easier. Learn from this, it can help you grow, it can make you stronger. It is going to be ok. Chin up!


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