15 signs you might be a Book Worm

Books, books, glorious books! There is nothing like curling up on a big comfy sofa in front of a roaring fire with a glass of mulled wine and a dog at your feet.

If this describes you then it is very possible that you are a book worm. This life long condition will make you laugh, make you cry, teach you new words, new cultures, new points of view. You will fall in love and break your heart. You will travel, learn and grow. Your soul will be nourished.

You might be a bookworm if:

  1. You commonly prefer fictional characters to real ones.
  2. You read every where including in impractical situations such as walking, cooking, and showering. (I am guilty of all three, I walked into a pole, burned my noodles and I got my book wet!)
  3. You frequently stay up until ridiculous o’clock to finish your book and wake up thinking it was worth it.
  4. The words “Just let me finish my chapter.” actually mean, “I will be with you in 1 hour.”
  5. You would rather read the book then watch the movie.
  6. You have paranoia that you are being followed and when entering a new place you look immediately for exits, in case someone is coming to kidnap you and you need to leave quickly. (For those who read the adventure/thriller genre)
  7. Your idea of art is the cover of your favourite book.
  8. When you enter a bookshop and realise you have been sucked into a time portal, by which your 10 minutes browsing is 3 hours of standard human time.
  9. You get irritated when someone tries to talk to you when your reading.
  10. You open your mouth to quote a line from your favourite book and then realise that no one else has a clue what your talking about. (The number of times I have said “The answer is 42” and got blank stares.
  11. Your family swears you said yes but you cannot recall the conversation because they had it with you whilst you were reading.
  12. You have a book under your pillow or on your bedside table.
  13. You smile at strangers who are reading.
  14. When you ‘people watch’ you make up stories.
  15. Your library card gets more swipes then your credit card.

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