Q. What makes you smile? A. Embarrassment

We have all been there, those horrendous moments where your whole body is overheating, like an overfed steam train, from acute embarrassment. The kind of embarrassment that makes you think about it years later and slap your forehead and claw your cheeks because the memory is just so…excruciating. Having had many such moments, I am completely familiar with the above feelings. Why is it though, the second someone else experiences acute embarrassment, we just cannot stop those snorting slightly horrified, laughing, gasps from escaping? Perhaps it’s just relief that, for once, it’s not me!

Not too long ago my husband and I went away, we had agreed to meet up with friends who were also staying in the area, we had agreed to have dinner in the restaurant attached to the hotel. I sent a text to let them know we were just parking. Below was the subsequent conversation:

Me – “Hi, (Name) we are just parking now.” 

Him – “Ok, give me sex.” 

Me – about 3 laughing crying faces

Him – “sex” and then “I mean sex” and then “no, no, no, no, no, no, no! I meant give me a sec” about 2 seconds later “oh bog!” 

A few minutes later we met in the restaurant I have never seen anyone with such a red face, I mean fire engine red! It was impossible to hold back the great, gulping, laughter that bubbled up inside. Fortunately, although I am sure he felt that ground-swallow-me-up-forever kind of embarrassment, he saw the funny side and laughed along with us.

Whenever my awkward, embarrassing moments pop into my head, I try to remind myself that somewhere, someone is probably telling that story and laughing themselves stupid about it.

I hope I made you smile today.


First blog post – What am I doing?

Here I am ready to write my very first blog….

So here’s the thing, its all very well to say “write a blog” but in reality what subject would anyone want to hear about repeatedly day after day, at some point your going to get bored and I really, really, really don’t want that to happen. Lets be honest we have all started to read blogs and switch off after like 2 seconds due to the authors supreme interest in his own opinion.

Your time is precious I get that, so I have to write something that will keep you interested. *Pulls thinking face, involves sticking out tongue*

My brain has come up with a plan, it is a simple plan, perhaps that’s all my brain can manage? (Store that thought for later cogitation.) I am just going to write any interesting things that happen. Funny things, stupid things, interesting thoughts or quotes and we will see where this thing takes us. I can’t promise you professionalism, Shakespeare or profound inspiration, my aim pure and simple: to make you smile.